Becky & Maggie

My gravitar shows two dogs with me on a hike near Fallen Leaf Lake. Becky came to our family when she was nine months old. Tri-Valley Animal Rescue (TVAR) saved her from the only life she knew…living at a shelter. Beckey is a cross between a yellow lab and a Queensland healer. As a puppy Becky would follow me through the house nipping my heals. She is a very calm dog but does not like being around other dogs, a result of being bitten by dogs at the shelter. My previous dog Shelly, who was the most gentle dog I have ever known, help Becky to over come some of her fears. When Shelly died, Becky once again became afraid of other dogs. That led me to adopt Maggie who is a small Australian Shepherd and joined the family when she was eight weeks old. The two have become pals over the past two years and love to play together, go on walks, hikes, and camping…which is what they are doing in this picture.


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