Dusty Update No. 1

This morning I talked to the new caretaker of Dusty, the Ford Model 66A Deluxe Pickup that I owned and worked on for 18 years. John has done a lot of research and has uncovered that Dusty was assembled at the new Richmond, CA plant that Ford opened in August 1931. This means that Dusty was a native San Francisco Bay Area truck from the day she was built! I know from the history I put together that she spent her days before 1950 as a delivery vehicle for a San Jose, California furniture dealer. John told me this morning that he was impressed with the chassis that I had restored. He said it ran very quite and was very solid when he drove it on his property. John plans to enter Dusty into judging at the Model A Ford Club of America meet in Bend, Oregon this September. I need to start planning a road trip in my PT Cruiser…now that would be a picture…Dusty and the PT Cruiser.

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