Sycamore Grove at Sunset


The other day I was going through some pictures and came across this one above of Sycamore Grove Park at sunset. I never really noticed the sun before. What looks like dead trees are in fact dead trees. Along two different roads within Sycamore Grove are rows of Walnut trees that were planted many years ago. They have passed their prime but the LARPD Rangers are replanting new saplings from the seeds of the few trees that still struggle to survive. The dead and dying trees still serve a purpose by providing a place for woodpeckers to find a meal. One can also find vultures sitting in the tops of these trees.


One thought on “Sycamore Grove at Sunset

  1. Glad you appreciate the Walnut Rows. I was just tending to the young ‘uns this afternoon. Unfortunately they have a fungus bad this year and had to prune off a lot of dead/diseased wood. They almost always sprout back up from the base though.


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