Moderen Day Tinker

A tinker use to be someone who traveled from town-to-town fixing things that were broken. As with many words it has changed over time and now refers to someone who works on various mechanical, or non-mechanical, items. I was recently talking with a co-worker about a news story on the lost skill of being able to fix things that break. Unfortunately we have become a throw away society. In many cases the products today are not designed to be repaired when something fails. Many believe it is easier, and at times cheaper, to buy a replacement. Over the years I have worked on many broken things…a few of them being on the side of the road and belonging to someone else. My ultimate project has been this house which was built in 1908. This has been a real challenge because the goal has been to maintain the character of the house while bringing it up to the new building codes. Fortunately the city has taken an interest in preserving the old buildings that make Livermore a special place to live.
With the advent of the internet we have access to information on how to repair just about everything. We are now able to order the necessary parts and have them shipped to our front door. The key to being able to fix items is to buy products that can be repaired. In this way we are truly living in a sustainable life style.

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