Sycamore Grove at Winter’s End


Winter is loosing its grip on Sycamore Grove Park. This afternoon it was in the mid 60’s with just a light breeze. After about half a mile I warmed up enough to stuff my light hiking shirt in my backpack and enjoy the tee-shirt weather. The picture above is a tree that was in full bloom along the park’s southern boarder just east of the old winery. Maggie and I started at the Wetmore entrance and hiked to the old almond orchard. Even though most of the trees are mostly dead there are a few almond trees that still struggle to survive as I was able to capture in the picture below. In total Maggie and I hiked just over three miles. It was just over a year ago that I had my second back surgery and today I was very thankful for the beautiful weather and the ability to hike through Sycamore Grove Park.


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