A Thousand Words

One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. – Fred R. Barnard

As a designer, my job is to take someone’s description of an idea and turn that into a picture that conveys the concept to others on the project. As they are describing their thoughts, in my mind I’m painting a three dimensional picture that I can look at from different perspectives. Once these ideas are created in a three dimensional solid modeling program, and usually after many iterations, we come up with a working design described in pictures. At this point in the process I use my drafting skills to create drawings that are used to manufacture parts. These parts are then assembled into equipment to explore scientific principles.


Sounds simple but in reality it is a very complex process. There are usually many emails created during the life of a project, at various times of the day and night with various contributors. Personally I have developed a love/hate relationship with email due to the fact it is not possible to fully understand what is being said in the absence of a face-to-face discussion. On many occasions, after receiving an email that seemed to be aflame, I have walked over to the persons office to find out what they were really saying. In many cases what appeared to be a problem turned out to be poor communications in written form. How we use words can be very powerful. I have concluded that nothing in life can replace the face-to-face discussion to truly convey one’s thoughts and feelings.

When I was growing up, my family would take time to visit relatives and we would just sit and talk about life. Unfortunately, in our fast paced society, we have become addicted to email, text messages, voice mails, Twitter, Facebook, et al. and fail to truly connect with people. I long for the times where family and friends could take the time to sit and share thoughts and feelings face-to-face.

Image from: wikimedia.org – A picture is worth a thousand words

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