Avoiding Regrets

Back when my two children were still in the preschool social circles, a colleague stopped by my office one day and shared with me what he would do different if he could go back and start over with his family.

Dan shared that his career was his first priority and his family second. Dan chose to be assigned to projects that required extensive travel. He also worked overtime to advance his career. He regretted not spending more time with his children when they were growing up. His marriage suffered too and ended in divorce. But he succeeded in reaching his career goals. Dan’s message to me was to make my family a higher priority than my job. I took his words to heart that day and made sure I spent time with my children and became involved in their activities.

Nobody on their deathbed has ever said “I wish I had spent more time at the office”.
Source Unknown

A couple of years later my mentor died suddenly just before he planned to retire. I also learned that Dan had visited several people who had been collateral damage in his career advancement. Dan apologized and made peace with these individuals.

I was reminded of this conversation by the words of a song. It delivers the same message as my friend Dan.

Make peace with God. Make peace with yourself. In the end there is nobody else.
– Point of Grace

2 thoughts on “Avoiding Regrets

  1. And we delude ourselves by rationalizing that “by prioritizing my job I’m really placing my family first.” Take it from a workaholic . . . that’s part of the fallen nature that repeatedly needs to be nailed to the cross.


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