Choosing Forks


Throughout our lives we come to points, or forks, in the road of life where we have to make a decision. Some of the choices we make are based on logic while others are based on our gut instinct. Certain decisions have to be made in a split second while others can be pondered and discussed with those wiser than ourselves. Every choice we make on the road of life creates our past.

Some of the forks in the road of life offer us no choice. These forks may be happening due to another choice we made or they may be events beyond our control. Many times these forks become life changing events.

Some forks become good memories while others would be best forgotten. If we choose to hold onto those events in our lives that are unpleasant, they can become a ball and chain in our present moments. We can’t change the past but we can learn from the experience. Each day is a new day. What we do with each new day is our choice.

Elm Tree Sunrise

The picture above is a winter sunrise with our neighbor’s Elm tree. Most Elm trees were killed by the Dutch Elm disease in the 1960’s and 1970’s. This tree is a survivor.

Life matters – Make the most of it!!!

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