Pets & Oddities

WP_000446-1570135681I’m not sure what was going on tonight but our animals provided a lot of comic relief. My daughter’s cat invited himself to the dinner table. For some reason Lucky felt left out at dinner and his facial expressions showed his displeasure.

After dinner, since it was a cool evening, I decided to edge and mow the lawns as well as blow all the walkways, sidewalks and gutters of tree litter and grass clippings (no, I am not OCD when it comes to our yard). One less chore tomorrow. But with two dogs, the lawn must be cleared of biological hazards before proceeding. I have first hand experience what a mulching mower does when it encounters dried dog dung and mulches it. It usually takes awhile to get the smell out of my sinuses. As I was cleaning up the various piles, I discovered several in an area of rock, known locally as Lodi Stone, which makes it more difficult to recover the poop than when it is in the lawn. I soon discovers that having hair in the poop made it easier to pick up because it was like a string of pearls. I found myself being thankful for this minor addition to the mix that made my job a little easier. I look for reasons to be happy wherever I can. 

While we are on the subject of hair, our home was built in 1908 and retains much of the original lath and plaster. While doing various projects over the years, usually repairing holes I did not intentionally add, I noticed fibers in the old plaster. Upon closer inspection I discovered the plasters of old used horse hair to add strength to the plaster. In other words, our old walls are being held together with the hair from long dead horses. And people thought recycling and green building was something new.

Then we have the ongoing issue of boxes, paper grocery bags and suitcases. Every time one is set down on the floor or a bed a cat will suddenly appear out of thin air.

file.326b4c48b7da4e13.326B4C48B7DA4E13!483This would be Tiger Lily insisting that she is going on the trip to places unknown.

file.326b4c48b7da4e13.326B4C48B7DA4E13!509_20130622000608427This old milk crate has a special connection to my childhood. One Saturday my Dad took me along for a ride in his tractor trailer as he delivered milk to various grocery stores. The days bonus was my own carton of chocolate milk that was kept cold in the refrigerated trailer. I found this milk case in a local antique store.

Tiger Lily in a basketI know for a fact that Tiger Lily is not part of the weekly laundry but she always seems to be in the basket of clean, not dirty, clothing.

2 thoughts on “Pets & Oddities

  1. This made me smile! I love the way you wrote it and could visualize everything you mentioned about the animals, likely because I have a lot of the same things going on here, well except for the horse hair. My one dog likes to sit at the table, too, so I got a bar height table now! She also has been known to get in a laundry basket or try to stow away in a suitcase. Thank you for sharing!


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