Choosing To Be Happy – No. 7

About a week ago I was informed the bathroom faucet was leaking. This is the second faucet in as many months that became a dripping problem. For most people this would not be considered a happy moment.

Faucer Replacement

Today I’m triply (yes, it’s a word) happy for this project.

1) God has given me a talent for being able to fix just about anything (except my truck’s automatic transmission…that one really hurt the wallet).

2) I had a coupon for 15% off one item at the local hardware store which made the faucet a really good deal (Moen – Buy it for looks. Buy it for life).

3) I had all the extra parts for the worn out parts I discovered after everything was taken apart. A one trip plumbing project is unheard of! It usually takes at least three trips to round up all the parts.

Maggie Supervising

I also had the company of Maggie who was very interested in what I was doing and followed me on my many trips to and from the garage for parts or tools.

New Faucet Installed

Top Tip – If you find your plumbers putty is a little on the stiff side, add a little boiled linseed oil and mix well. Let it sit for about an hour and it will be a good as the stuff on the hardware store shelf.

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