Rose from our garden

Being the owner of a 105 year old house, there is always a project to be finished or something to repair. This morning I continued working on a project I started after work yesterday. Our backyard fence is about 3 feet high and topped with 12 inches of lattice. Becky and Maggie have pretty much destroyed the lattice in there attempts to see over the fence. This morning I continued my work of replacing the lattice with 12 inch high fence boards (new boards can be seen in the background of the picture of the rose…I will post a picture when it is finished). Suddenly I was greeted with a pleasant smell. My nose went to the rose near where I was working and I inhaled deeply. I was rewarded with an unexpected joy. I walk by this rose all the time but very seldom take the time to enjoy its fragrance. It reminded me that we do need to slow down and smell the roses. The reward is enjoying God’s creation.