Gearhead Daughter

Last night I took my daughter, who I can’t believe is 22, on a date for dinner after she got off work. Besides the usual “how was your day” and a discussions about anthrax, we talked about Rube Goldberg machines. Many months ago I was shown the Rube Goldberg Machine, This Too Shall Pass, which I thought was pretty amazing. My daughter told me The Athlete Machine was even better because of a car drifting through the spiral of tires.

Both are amazing but I think “This Too Shall Pass” holds true to the Rube Goldberg theme due to the fact it does not require human interactions, except one human body, to trigger the next point. Let me know which is your favorite.

2 thoughts on “Gearhead Daughter

  1. Patrick, I have to say I agree with both you and your daughter. 🙂 Rube Goldberg inspired videos are a big thing here in my house and my son has watched the Myth Busters episode numerous times. He also watched a show on Modern Marvels Weird Machines documenting the making of the first video. The timing involved is incredible! I had fun though watching the evolution of this concept in the second video and like the added contrasting element of the human machine… I (we) vote for both. 😉
    Lisa and Ryan


  2. I prefer This too shall pass ; with only reason it wins – I love that phrase. It’s one of my most favorite ones. 😀 I kept a note “Gam zeh ya’avor” – the hebrew letters to symbolize that phrase. :D..

    Btw, how beautiful father-daughter time you had. 🙂


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