A Different Perspective

Looking up at Gateway Arch at night (St. Louis)

I was showing this picture I shot awhile back to a couple of my colleagues, a structural engineer and a draftsman. Both noticed the weld on the right but were puzzled as to what or where it was located. Sometimes we just need to look at something from a different perspective.

Gateway Arch (Wikipedia)
Gateway Arch St. Louis, MO (Wikipedia)

This post was originally titled “Mystery Shot” and several readers shared their thoughts on only the top picture. Since then I have added with lower picture to show how the perspective of a picture can change what your mind thinks it sees.

6 thoughts on “A Different Perspective

  1. Sarah

    Man, that’s a hard one to guess! From what I *think* I can decipher, it’s the underbelly of something..and the arm welded onto it seems to start out parallel to the main surface, then curves upward (backward) at an angle. I’m excited for you to reveal what it is! But until then, it’s a beautiful work of photography. Kudos to you!


  2. Let us know if you find it. I am a half-car-literate! Once upon a time, I told the person who was driving our car: “Since we have less gas and I have to reach my friend’s place soon, I think I should switch off the radio and A/C. In that way, we can save some gas!” – well, I did not know that they don’t need gas! Still people remember it at home and laugh 😀


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