Am I Failed Blogger?

Am I A Failed Blogger?

This past week several of the bloggers I follow, whom from my point of view are successful with one having been “Freshly Pressed” multiple times, have questioned their statistics. They worried about the number of visits dropping off or were trying to figure out a way to make the numbers match with what their followers find interesting.

As a fairly new blogger I was getting caught up in the number of visits, likes or comments. I was also wondering why some blogs were being “Freshly Pressed”? While the likes, comments and number of visitors are encouraging, I found what made me the happiest on my blog was just writing from my heart. If you look at my stats you could conclude my blog is a failure. But my blog goes deeper and serves another purpose than just creating traffic. I have been writing about my life experiences with the hope that someone out there may find comfort or encouragement in reading what I have been through and what I have learned along the way. If a visitor or one of my followers likes a post or leaves a comment it will be encouraging to see. If I make one person’s day brighter, then my blog has been a success.