Failed Blogger?

Am I Failed Blogger?
Am I A Failed Blogger?

This past week several of the bloggers I follow, whom from my point of view are successful with one having been “Freshly Pressed” multiple times, have questioned their statistics. They worried about the number of visits dropping off or were trying to figure out a way to make the numbers match with what their followers find interesting.

As a fairly new blogger I was getting caught up in the number of visits, likes or comments. I was also wondering why some blogs were being “Freshly Pressed”? While the likes, comments and number of visitors are encouraging, I found what made me the happiest on my blog was just writing from my heart. If you look at my stats you could conclude my blog is a failure. But my blog goes deeper and serves another purpose than just creating traffic. I have been writing about my life experiences with the hope that someone out there may find comfort or encouragement in reading what I have been through and what I have learned along the way. If a visitor or one of my followers likes a post or leaves a comment it will be encouraging to see. If I make one person’s day brighter, then my blog has been a success.

17 thoughts on “Failed Blogger?

  1. The minute that we write for the purpose of generating traffic is when the traffic itself disappears. I carry the same feeling as you when I write. I allow myself to become vulnerable and express my authentic self through words. Of course we like the appreciation, the followers, the comments. We’d be crazy to deny that. But, in the end, we write for ourselves and I often find myself learning something new about myself when I read an article I wrote several months ago 😉 Great stuff, thanks for sharing!


  2. Oh! This is exactly what I was going to write , today, during lunch break.:) If I look at my stat, Patrick, posts which are close to my heart did not get good numbers..:) and posts that got good numbers are the ones I won’t write again. 🙂 Story tellers don’t write to please readers, they write because they have tales to tell 🙂

    And who judges success and failure? I love reading inspiring stories; happy stories, amazing poetry , – they are close to my heart – I call them “the best” ones , many people love reading abusive languages , weird things on blogs- they call those ” the best ones”!..:) So, somewhere, the judgment to determine “the best” is questionable, maybe! 🙂 You blog is a success , cause numbers do not determine anything!:) – Long comment, sorry! 🙂


    1. I will and I will also add a few more points. 🙂 Thank you.:) Fame is fleeting , only love is eternal. 🙂 Sometimes, when people leave comments after loving a whole post , that makes my day..:) Btw, I told you earlier that some of your posts are my favorites. I went through them again. 🙂 Even after months, I remembered which ones. 🙂 Here are the links , so that people coming to this post can go back and enjoy these beautiful posts you wrote! 🙂 1. 2.


      1. California is beautiful..:)..and I love those road roses..I click them too [ that’s why I liked that post] ; last week only a friend asked me why I like them as she thinks that they are not that beautiful, perfect etc..:) Defining beauty is such a complicated process..its all about perspectives..:)


  3. Cara Strickland

    This is so true, Patrick.
    When I start wondering too hard about my stats, or checking them like crazy, I remember that God has given me my voice, and this platform, and He will make sure the right people read it. It’s not about fame or “success” but about Him.
    Thanks for the reminder!


  4. Great points today Patrick. I too have noticed a drop in stats during summer but, oh well. It is also pretty obvious that some posts which mean a lot to me and many photos that I really like aren’t big traffic drivers but that is ok too. This wouldn’t be my blog if it didn’t reflect my point of view and it would be crazy to expect people to like me all the time. 🙂


  5. You speak the truth here in this post. After I was Freshly Pressed in April, I got follower after follower. I now have over 900! Sounds good doesn’t it? But those followers are people who just click on the button and never read again! I don’t care about them, they don’t care about me. My regular stats are between 20-30 a day. What good are 900 followers? I’ve pretty much stopped looking at my stats daily, unless I’m actually writing a post on my dashboard.
    Archita said it well too. I have written posts I’m so proud of — that I was sure God wanted me to write, and they have no likes, and few comments.
    So in the end, we have to write for ourselves (and God) first, I think. Writers write.
    To God be the glory. Not us.

    …and I always look forward to your posts. 🙂


  6. Sarah

    Love it! The stats are the evil underbelly of blogging. I had to quit looking at them early on. I don’t know how to get freshly pressed, nor do I care if I ever am. Be blessed on the journey, my friend! Your blog home is one I always love to visit.


  7. Your post comes exactly at a time when I’ve been scratching my head wondering why posts [of mine] that I consider drivel get better views + likes + comments than those that I pour my soul into crafting. Literally makes me shake my head. Maybe it’s got more to do with length of post versus content? Perhaps in this go-go-go world, where most of us (myself included) are pretty ADD, a lengthy prose (deep as it may be) just doesn’t get the airtime when the reader is looking for a quick scan and go? Just one gal’s thoughts. What do you think?


    1. Patrick, I’m torn in reading your comment. On the one hand, it validates my suspicions (and it feels good not to feel crazy!), on the other hand, how very sad is it that people would rather rush to “like” a 200-300 word piece of drivel versus taking the time to read (and listen) to a longer post sharing deep, heart-felt thoughts?

      It makes me sad that the art of listening is getting lost in this me-centric age of social media. Look what I did! Check out my pictures! Please like me! Don’t you like me? Why don’t you like me? Me. Me. Me. Me. Me.

      It’s enough to make your head spin.

      I have had folks follow me, and after I check out their blogs (I always do), I decide if I have genuine interest in their blogs, and then follow (or not) based on that. Mysteriously, many of those I do not follow then unfollow me. I don’t have a lot of time or patience for a ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” environment – nor in building better [fake?] blog stats that way.

      Here’s to good conversations and following your heart. Like you, I write my blog for me. It helps me explore my feelings, fears, ambitions and challenges. Carry on, friend!


  8. Beautifully stated. I think this relates to how I see friendships in general. I would much rather have a small number of genuine, strong friendships than a large number of acquaintances. Thanks for writing this. 🙂


  9. So 8 yrs later, I find my way back to make my comment. 1st off thank you for adressing this subject. I personally believe that blogging just to create traffic (for a believer) is not authentic blogging and I’d rather not read any of those posts quite frankly. If you remember, I wrote a post to this same tune back in April: Christian Blogging – The Snares, The Pitfalls and The Traps… expressing some of the concerns I was becoming aware of in my newest months of blogging. I’m SO proud of you for staying true to yourself. This is the only blogging that’s meaningful and worth reading/writing!


    1. I stand corrected, AMEN to that! I’ll let the LORD lead you in what direction He wants you to write about. Just make it 450-500 words. It can be a devotion, or it can be a story of grace. I’ll send along my email for you to send it when done (no rush/pressure). Thanks again!


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