Dusty Update No. 2

This morning I received two pictures from the gentleman who purchased the Ford Model 66A that I worked on for 18 years. Dusty is headed to a Model A Meet in Bend, Oregon for a Blue Ribbon Judging.

Dusty Front View
Dusty 66A
Dusty 66A Tailgate
Dusty 66A Tailgate

5 thoughts on “Dusty Update No. 2

    1. At least you know it went to a good home. So many people buy these classics with good intentions of restoring them, but they end up rotting away in a mouse-infested barn (I see it on “Counting Cars” and “Fast N’ Loud” all the time:-)


  1. It’s always hard to let go of things that you care about. My husband recently donated his 79 Buick LeSabre to Make-a-wish foundation, because he finally realized that it was just sitting around rusting and he would never have the time to spend on it. We all need to practice letting go of our stuff. I’m trying. It’s hard. I have things from my mom that I would hate to let go because they remind me of her…

    They were so kind to send you finished photos! You can be proud of the time you took with it! She is beautiful!!!!


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