A few days ago I posted pictures of Dusty with a brief post. I found it to be quite difficult to post the pictures as I reflected on all the time I spent at swap meets, researching, machining, sandblasting, painting, rebuilding and planning over the 18 years that I owned Dusty. I will admit to shedding a lot of tears as I was sorting through and packing up parts for John and Nancy. With all of that said, it took a couple of days after receiving the pictures before I could look at them. Dusty was just a truck but also a goal and part of my life. This past year I have proven, on more than one occassion, that my decision to find someone else to take over was the right decision. With that in mind I thought it was time to give GT some exposure on my blog.


2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser GT

Optional Getrag G288 5 Speed Manual Transmission

Optional Getrag G288 5 Speed Manual Transmission


The GT Badge


High Output 2.4 liter Intercooled Turbo DOHC

Lower Stance and Suspension Tweaks

Lower Stance and Suspension Tweaks

Our Old House

Our Old House Circa 1908

Redneck Garage

Inside the Redneck Garage

I am glad that John and Nancy were able to complete the restoration of Dusty. The Ford Model A was introduced in 1928 and was produced through the end of 1931. The 66A Deluxe pickup went into production in March 1931 and by December 293 were built with Dusty being only one of twenty two that have been found. The two Ford Model A Clubs, MAFCA and MARC, make up the largest car club in the world specific to one model. Now that Dusty is complete, not only will John and Nancy be able to enjoy driving her, but others who have never seen a 66A will now be able to enjoy her too since Dusty is the only one on the West coast.

GT has so far turned out to be an amazing find. The previous owner took very good care of this car and she has been a lot of fun to drive. GT may not sound as distinctive as a Model A, but it definitely goes a lot faster with the comfort of air conditioning and a awesome stereo system.