Life Transition

A few days ago I posted pictures of Dusty with a brief post. I found it to be quite difficult to post the pictures as I reflected on all the time I spent at swap meets, researching, machining, sandblasting, painting, rebuilding and planning over the 18 years that I owned Dusty. I will admit to shedding a lot of tears as I was sorting through and packing up parts for John and Nancy. With all of that said, it took a couple of days after receiving the pictures before I could look at them. Dusty was just a truck but also a goal and part of my life. This past year I have proven, on more than one occassion, that my decision to find someone else to take over was the right decision. With that in mind I thought it was time to give GT some exposure on my blog.

2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser GT
Optional Getrag G288 5 Speed Manual Transmission
Optional Getrag G288 5 Speed Manual Transmission
The GT Badge
High Output 2.4 liter Intercooled Turbo DOHC
Lower Stance and Suspension Tweaks
Lower Stance and Suspension Tweaks
Our Old House
Our Old House Circa 1908
Redneck Garage
Inside the Redneck Garage

I am glad that John and Nancy were able to complete the restoration of Dusty. The Ford Model A was introduced in 1928 and was produced through the end of 1931. The 66A Deluxe pickup went into production in March 1931 and by December 293 were built with Dusty being only one of twenty two that have been found. The two Ford Model A Clubs, MAFCA and MARC, make up the largest car club in the world specific to one model. Now that Dusty is complete, not only will John and Nancy be able to enjoy driving her, but others who have never seen a 66A will now be able to enjoy her too since Dusty is the only one on the West coast.

GT has so far turned out to be an amazing find. The previous owner took very good care of this car and she has been a lot of fun to drive. GT may not sound as distinctive as a Model A, but it definitely goes a lot faster with the comfort of air conditioning and a awesome stereo system.

6 thoughts on “Life Transition

  1. WOW! The car looks amazing… I love the rims/tires and the color and body of the car. I can only imagine what work has gone into making this a machine, more than it is a car. Good job and thank you for sharing. Beauty for ashes… God is SO good!


    1. Wow! Dusty was meant to be. God prepared her for you and you for her. Manual transmission, yeah, I still don’t know how to drive a stick shift. Sad, I know. But no car payment? Now, that’s what I’m talking about! So happy for you… May God protect you and all the passengers who use Dusty and may she be of value to you and the Kingdom! God speed (not you) 🙂


  2. Sarah

    Beautiful Cruiser, Patrick! I loved your pic of Dusty, too..he/she is a true work of art! I traded in my beloved truck for a fuel efficient car a few months back (Im having to do a lot more driving now..gas guzzling truck isn’t feasible!). The car is very nice, but it’s not my “baby” aka truck. I shed quite a few tears the week leading up to dropping it off to my dealer. It was quite an awakening for me, I hadn’t realized how attached I was to it. Have fun zipping around in your GT!!


    1. Sarah

      Ah, see! You still get a truck then! Heehee 🙂 I’m loving the fuel efficiency of my car, but everytime we drive past a truck like the one I had, I have a little pang in my heart. My husband says, one day he will get me another one! 🙂


  3. Sarah

    I’m having issues with WordPress, hopefully this will post! Regarding your question as to what kind of truck it was..

    Nothing ultra cool like yours! Mine was one you probably see 400 billion of every time you leave the house. A Ford F-150 SuperCrew Lariat with the extended bed. It was my baby! Waaaah! The things we do for our kids! My hubby said, “Babe, keep the truck and just get a little shoot around town car for the school commute.” But, I couldn’t see having my truck sit unused in the garage 90% of the time just so I could “keep it”! So off it went…to hopefully give someone else many more years of fun memories!


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