Take It Easy

This morning I was enjoying a walk between my two offices at work which is about a one mile round trip. I was listening to music and enjoying the cool morning air. All of a sudden I found myself in a time warp and taken to a street corner in Winslow Arizona.

The street corner in Winslow AZ_201309041050125821674969392I cannot even begin to imagine how many times I have listened to “Take It Easy” by the Eagles. But there I was in Winslow Arizona standing across the street looking at “The Corner” with a flatbed Ford.

Take it easy, take it easy
Don’t let the sound of your own wheels
Drive you crazy
Lighten up while you still can
Don’t even try to understand
Just find a place to make your stand
And take it easy

The words to not “let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy” stuck me as I was plodding along. I found myself thinking about a problem for the umpteenth time that does not have an obvious or easy solution. I then realized that the wheels of my mind had been working on this problem and had created “a world of trouble on my mind”. As I was trying “to lighten up” I noticed that I had also been looking down at the grey asphalt path. At this point I remembered to be “in the moment” and looked up at the blue sky and the trees while trying to ignore the Cold War Era Building with the peeling paint and chain link fences.

As the song came to an end I came out of my time warp where it really got weird…

Lady Gaga Winslow AZ…and then I found myself back at work.

6 thoughts on “Take It Easy

  1. Wow Patrick! That picture pulled me in immediately. I couldn’t wait to read what you had written. Actually I thought friends of yours might have surprised you by throwing one of those helicopter ads in the air for your business 🙂

    Anyway, this statement was quite powerful: “I then realized that the wheels of my mind had been working on this problem and had created “a world of trouble on my mind”.

    It gripped me, because I know this happens to me ALL the time. When God says — Do not worry about tomorrow (or anything) for that matter!

    Great post!!


    1. We picked up the Route at Springfield, as it didn’t make sense for us to head up to Chicago (when we were already beneath it, having crossed the border at Port Huron, Michigan) – from there, we followed the 40 the entire way through to Arizona (and then eventually cut up to Nevada/Las Vegas) — so we missed the final stretch to Santa Monica. Like you, we did try to pull off to as many of the older bits of the Route and catch as many of the iconic sites (like the Wigwam, etc.) as possible, but I’ve gotta say, I was actually quite disappointed that there wasn’t a bigger deal made of the whole thing. i.e. Lack of signage, etc. You have to *really* go out of your way to find those sites — and I guess I found that surprising, given how iconic Route 66 is.
      My favourite part would have to be in Texas at the Cadillac Ranch (Amarillo). Followed closely by the lesser known (and we barely stumbled across it), Bug Ranch (same set up of front end buried cars, but in this case, VW Beetles (in Conway, TX). I had a Beetle, so this was very endearing to me.
      That said, the coolest overall town for a Route 66 experience, for me, was Seligman, AZ. The wild burros at Oatman, AZ were also a ton of fun. 🙂
      What was your favourite part of Rte 66, Pat?



      1. ahh – I forgot about the Midpoint Café! Did you have the “ugly crust pie” there? it’s the house speciality!
        And how funny on the Wigwam. We went to the Wigwam Motel as well – but it was in Holbrook AZ. Looks like Rt 66 has two Wigwams! 🙂
        This is going to force me to whip out those old photos and re-live it! 🙂


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