Trans-America Trail

Route 66 On Dirt
Route 66 On Dirt

Several years ago we took two trips on Route 66 and have covered all but from Saint Louis to Chicago. While talking with one of the shop owners in Seigman Arizona, we where told that at the edge of town was a section of the original dirt road. Since the goal of the trip was to travel the oldest alignment possible, this seemed almost too good to be true. An actual dirt section of Route 66! We had just survived a paved section, if one could actually call it pavement, between Barstow and Newberry Springs that has to be the absolute worst road I have ever driven. I ended up with a headache from the pounding and was seriously concerned about the welfare of my trucks suspension (this might help explained the premature wear on my trucks ball joints). This evening I came across this story about a dirt road called the Trans-America Trail that will take you from Asheville North Carolina to Port Orford Oregon. Maybe someday I will make this a road trip adventure with no time constraints…but I don’t think it will be in a Land Rover LR4.

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