No, Just Black Tea!

I don’t do Starbucks very well. This morning I’m not working on your National Security due to our inept politicians (I wonder if that is politically correct?). I ended up at a Starbucks to buy tea…plain black tea. This is where me and Starbucks don’t communicate well. I was given a choice of all kinds of different teas, none of which I can even begin to pronounce nor know if they would give me a positive drug test.

Me: Whatever is the closest to black tea?

The Barista: Our white tea is very popular.

Me: (thinking…did I just say black tea?) That will be fine.

The Barista: Would you like that hot or iced?

Me: (thinking again…duh, it’s 9:15 AM?) hot please.

The Barista: One or two tea bags.

Me: (annoience is starting to set in) Uh, two please (I happen to like strong tea).

The Barista: Would you like a pastry?

Me: (thinking again about all the pent up frustration from this stupid government shutdown and just wanting a simple black hot tea and why could this not be a Peet’s?) No thank you.

The Barista: Here you go…next!

I go off to find a place to sit and enjoy my “white” tea, which by the way, tastes exactly like black tea. At least I now know that when I want black tea at Starbucks, I need to order white tea?

And the scone? I bought that at a little coffee hut near a hospital…which is a story in itself.

3 thoughts on “No, Just Black Tea!

  1. This is the reason I hate going into Starbucks. And, I dare say, the problem is worse in the U.S. than it seems to be in Canada. There has not been one instance of a visit to Starbucks in the U.S. that hasn’t resulted in me waiting behind someone ordering, “Double Ristretto Venti Nonfat Organic Chocolate Frappuccino Extra Hot with Foam and Whipped Cream”, or something ridiculously similar.

    The scone, on the other hand, looks scrumptious.


  2. I loved the photo and your story. 🙂 My husband and I are tea lovers and honestly we never could like Starbucks Tea. Last year, I tried something called green tea latte there ( as I was supposed to be on healthy diet that time) and sorry to people who love that tea but in good language I would never ever try that again in my life. :)..

    For hikes and road trips , we carry homemade tea with us . Other times , I order Tazo Zen tea at Starbucks…it’s mint flavored green tea which tastes pretty good .:)


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