Jacked Up!

Old Bottle JackOn my furlough day last Monday, I decided to change the filters in my truck’s transmission and at the same time resolve a pesky leak that the re-builder was unable to solve (this is why I like to do my own repairs…do the job right and you only have to do it once…this is the third pan gasket). After I cleaned up the mess, I was writing down the information in my truck’s log book and discovered it was also due for an oil change. My plan was to take care of this after running some errands this Saturday morning. I arrived home and noticed one of my neighbors was having a garage sale…I usually avoid garage and yard sales. I figured I would remove the oil pan drain plug and then wander over to see how it was going. Alice was sharing with me that she was not very good at bartering. Having spent a lot of time at swap meets (family members say I remind them of Mike Wolf from American Pickers), I decided to have some fun with a stack of buckets. In the process my eye caught a well used bottle jack among the stuff. I spun it around and noted it was a Blackhawk (gear-heads will recognize this tool manufacturer). It had belonged to his dad so I figured it dated to at least the 50’s or 60’s. Pat was only asking $7 so I offered $5 and came home with a new old tool. What I have found is that vintage tools were made to last a long time. When I buy them they don’t get displayed but put to use. Amazing how just visiting a neighbor added another tool to the Red Dog Garage. And before anyone says it, you’re right, it won’t fit under the PT Cruiser but is perfect for the truck.

4 thoughts on “Jacked Up!

  1. I’m not only bad at bartering, but it appears I’m also bad at recognizing useful tools. That bottle jack would have gone either unnoticed or displayed in the garden as a vase. A piece of ‘modern’ art.


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