A Man And His Wheelchair…

A couple of posts ago I shared about my adventure at Starbucks. But there was another story that day that I did not share. As I was sitting and enjoying a warm sunny morning while sipping my white tea, which tasted like black tea, I noticed an elderly gentleman in a wheelchair using his feet to propel himself to his appointment. At first I though this was good for him for he was able to use his legs and exercise them. But then he came to a slight incline and came to a stop. Several people walked by but did not think to offer assistance. I quickly tossed my garbage in the trash, grabbed my backpack and cup of tea and walked over to him and asked if he needed a push. He said, “would you do that for me!” I responded that it would be my pleasure. I asked him if he could hold my cup of tea while I pushed. He said he could and assured me he would not even drink from my cup. A sudden bond of trust was formed. As I pushed him to where he needed to be we chatted. As I left him in line, I shook his hand as he thanked me. I walked away feeling blessed for having had the opportunity to offer a few minutes of my time to lend him a helping hand.

4 thoughts on “A Man And His Wheelchair…

  1. this reminds me of a strange story… last year my husband was walking down Mission Blvd in Hayward when a man in a wheelchair asked him if he had a moment to help him with something. Gabe said sure and the man said “in the bag on the back of my chair you will find some ziplock bags and a trowel. please fill one with soil for me.” as he gestured towards the adjacent vacant lot. my husband complied and was directed to seal the bag of soil and place it in the larger pocket of his bag where my husband noticed several more baggies of soil. the man thanked him profusely but gave no explanation. This is just one of Gabe’s many stories that begin “An odd thing happened when i was walking to the 7-11 today.” (He buys a sf chronicle there everyday)


  2. mapaduffy

    So nice!!!, I use to push Grandma in her wheel chair, and at times it would be a struggle, I would have loved to have had a helping hand with a door or bump. Very seldom did I have the pleasure of that little extra which would have made my day a little easier. It must be extremely hard to be the one in the chair—
    God Bless you Patrick for such kindness and concern for others–


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