A couple of posts ago I shared about my adventure at Starbucks. But there was another story that day that I did not share. As I was sitting and enjoying a warm sunny morning while sipping my white tea, which tasted like black tea, I noticed an elderly gentleman in a wheelchair using his feet to propel himself to his appointment. At first I though this was good for him for he was able to use his legs and exercise them. But then he came to a slight incline and came to a stop. Several people walked by but did not think to offer assistance. I quickly tossed my garbage in the trash, grabbed my backpack and cup of tea and walked over to him and asked if he needed a push. He said, “would you do that for me!” I responded that it would be my pleasure. I asked him if he could hold my cup of tea while I pushed. He said he could and assured me he would not even drink from my cup. A sudden bond of trust was formed. As I pushed him to where he needed to be we chatted. As I left him in line, I shook his hand as he thanked me. I walked away feeling blessed for having had the opportunity to offer a few minutes of my time to lend him a helping hand.