Behind The Sign

Keep Out
The message on the sign is simple
But where it resides draws one to wonder
What lies inside this old winery
That is alone and forgotten?
I heard that one of the Red Doors fell to the ravages of time
For me the news of the Red Door being down was sad to hear
For these very same doors were the inspiration
To restore the door on our historic Summer Kitchen
But this opening of the door allowed me a time
To be guided by a Park Ranger to see behind the sign
What we saw was beams and joists all askew
But together we came up with a plan
To to raise the door to its rightful place once again
To keep visitors out and safe from the dangers within.
If for some reason you want to see for yourself
Forget it and stay out!
Injury or death could happen without a doubt
For by moving just one board
What is left could come crashing down.

Red Door
Winery Inside
Red Door From Above
Man vs. Nature
Second Floor Door
Winery Second Floor and Roof
Rattle Snake
With this old winery you never know what to expect
A close look inside of this hole
Will reveal to you a Rattle Snake
Who has made a home in this old winery’s wall

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