WARNING – This post has extensive gear-head information and may cause some readers to become sleepy. Do not attempt this stunt at home.

Being a gear-head, it took me awhile to figure out the recording capabilities of “the box” supplied by our phone, internet and television provider (it is quite amazing how much stuff can go through two wires). Now that I have figured out how “the box” works, I can now watch NASCAR in half the time by skipping all the commercials.

I am not a consumer, so it takes a lot for a commercial to impress me. As a matter of fact, I do not remember the last time a television commercial convinced me to go out and buy a specific item (if it did it was most likely automotive or tool related). There have been a few print ads that have had success. With that said, this commercial by Volvo Trucks is very impressive. If you have ever backed up a car in a straight line you know it is challenging. Backing up a truck and trailer in a straight line takes skill. Backing up two trucks with trailers, and a guy standing on the mirrors, is simply amazing!

Explaining the stunt…observe Jean-Claude Van Damme’s facial expressions…

If you are curious about the music: Only Time by Enya