Defying The Odds

Live Oak Tree
This Oak Tree sapling found a place to grow
It has taken root in a hole at the base of a wall
No doubt it was stashed as a acorn
By a critter preparing for winter
How long will it grow and how big will it become?
Only time will be able to answer these questions

3 thoughts on “Defying The Odds

  1. Redneck Garage

    A Poem from Ranger Matt, my tour guide at the Old Winery who does not know how to use a computer…but is very good with a camera:

    What came first? The acorn or the tree
    And who put it there? A bird or a bee
    How long will it be there?
    In that hole in the wall
    What shall I use to cut it?
    Loppers…or a chainsaw


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