Life Inside A Search Engine – No. 1

BingOne of the benefits of having a blog is the data that WordPress provides. This data is what led me to write my Failed Blogger post. I have discovered, by way of a fellow blogger, that there is even more data to mine. I can look at the “terms” that people type into a search engine that led them to my blog. The following is nine of my favorite terms that people used to find the Redneck Garage. I have added my editorial comments in parenthesis:

redneck garage – (Number One…Duh)

“we are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the roses blooming outside our window today” – (This was the longest)

inspirational redneck poems – (Not sure this is possible but may be true)

how to fix things like a redneck – (Do not attempt this at home)

redneck political party – (What our country really needs)

how to change oil pan gasket on 2007 pt cruiser – (Close, that was the trucks transmission)

why are conversations today not as deep? – (Good question! Turn off the computer and go have a deep conversation with someone.)

how a redneck would use the word facial – (oxymoron)

deep redneck thoughts – (Si from Duck Dynasty comes to mind)

Si Robertson
Silas Robertson – The Logic Vacuum

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