Shop With A Cop

Shop With A CopThis morning the Livermore Walmart opened their doors early for some special shoppers. Children from under-privileged families were picked up at their homes by Livermore Police Officers, in their police cruiser, and provided with some money to go “Shop With A Cop”. They were greeted at Walmart by the Granada High School Marching Band. The Officers then took the children shopping to buy presents for their families. Once the shopping was complete, the children were brought to the Livermore Police Department where the Officers, along with volunteers from the Citizen Police Academy, helped the children wrap their presents. Once the last bow was attached, the children were then given a ride back home by their Officer. In addition each family was provided with a Safeway Gift Card to help provide for their Christmas dinner.
Kids Wrapping PresentsThe children were greeted by a non-traditional Christmas song…

10 thoughts on “Shop With A Cop

    1. Redneck Garage

      I too suffer from cynicism this time of year Nancy, especially with all the rude people out and about (I wrote “about” that with a Canadian accent). Helping the Police Officers give back to the community they protect left me feeling less cynical.


    1. Redneck Garage

      You’re welcome! It would be nice if the news media did a better job of sharing the positive things that the Police do each day for their communities.


  1. samantha Henshaw

    I love doing shop with a cop as a former musician in the band I can honestly say its worth the freezing conditions to wake up and play for these kids. I left with tears (frozen) many many times and I thanked god for the few times I participated!


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