Life LessonsBack in 2002, I was accepted into a special leadership training program at the National Laboratory where I work. The program lasted 12 months with at least one class per month. These classes usually lasted a minimum of three full days and many being a full week away from work. Being a part of this select team of people was an amazing experience. To this day there is a special bond with those fellow employees I trained with. One of our facilitators put together this list of ten quotes. It has been posted on my desk as a reminder of what a good leader should be. Over the years I have added the handwritten lessons I have learned along the way. Today at lunch I was looking at this list once again and thought I would share it with my readers. Some of these quotes may be familiar. My favorite is Isaac Newton’s and the most obscure is Herb York (LLNL’s first Director). Hopefully you find something new.