Safety Lesson – No. 1

Most of us these days most likely have a container where we collect nearly dead, or what we think are dead, batteries for safe disposal. This safety lesson came via email at work from our Engineering Safety Officer this past week. After watching it, all I could think about was the dead batteries stored in a container inside our enclosed back porch. It now has a roll of plastic tape to cover the terminals of 9 volt batteries. Our old battery can has been completely filled in the past and this could have very easily happened to us. Take a few minutes to watch this fire safety video. It may make a difference in your home.

3 thoughts on “Safety Lesson – No. 1

  1. Harry

    I have thrown mine in a plastic liter bottle and I understand even discharged batteries have a bit of capacitive energy left. So, I am taping up my old 9-volts tonight. Scary video and I have had my battery recycle bottle for over a decade.


    1. Redneck Garage

      I have put a roll of plastic tape in the container where we collect our “dead” batteries so it can be taken care of on the spot. Until I saw this video it did not occur to me that this could happen. A real eye opener.


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