Maggie Chowing DownWhen I adopted Maggie, my Aussie pictured above, she was just over eight weeks old (she is now three and a half but still acts like a puppy). The other dog in my avatar is Becky. She is a very calm and loving dog that will lean against you while being petted or hugged. Becky was already part of the family and became Maggie’s big sister and pal. Unfortunately, Becky moved away recently and Maggie was saddened by her sister not being around the house to play. Maggie got to the point that she stopped eating. For me this became a serious concern. In looking for a solution, I asked the manager at our local Pet Food Express for some help. After showing me the different products that could spice up Maggie’s food, the manager wanted to know more about what was going on with Maggie. After explaining the situation, she recommended a dehydrated meat that feels like Styrofoam but crumbles into a course powder which gets mixed into Maggie’s food. Since Maggie’s dog food is chicken and wild rice, dehydrated chicken was the clear choice. The manager also provided me with some ideas on how to help Maggie through this transition.
Stella & Chewy's
What I have learned is that Maggie is a sensitive dog. Between Stella & Chewy’s added to her food, extra play time, and some long walks, Maggie has started to act like her old self. Feeding time has become a tail wagging, chow down the food experience. I’m feeling better now that Maggie is a happy dog again.