Life Inside A Search Engine – No. 2


Looking at the statistics on my blog, it turns out “Redneck Garage” remains the number one search that leads people to my blog. The second most searched for phrase has to do with making a rat trap deadly. Apparently I’m not the only one who has a zero tolerance for rodents living anywhere on my homestead. I’m happy to report that since I sealed up some openings, and killed Psycho Rat, I have had no further intruders. I do still have some clean up to complete but I have all sorts of excuses to avoid crawling under the house or venturing into the depths of the basement. The summer kitchen will also require some clean up. I guess this will be a good way to spend the three-day weekend…

3 thoughts on “Life Inside A Search Engine – No. 2

  1. Laura Thompson

    I’m spending my 3 day weekend working. Yay! I mean, think of the alternative-not going to work, hence, working at home, there’s always something that needs doing, isn’t there? And I would’nt get paid at home to do it. At least at work I get some cash, right?


    1. Laura Thompson

      Oh. And rodents? You should see my cat, Mr. Jones. He has the whole “You SHALL not PASS!” attitude that is so critical to a good mouser/ratter.


    2. Redneck Garage

      Knowing that you are a cancer survivor, I rejoice in the fact that I are able to work this weekend!!! Sorting through one’s basement to divide assets and to clean up after rats, not so much fun. But it is a paid holiday…just have to keep things in perspective. 😀


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