Grandma's DiplomaWhen my Grandma died, our family went through the house and I asked to keep her diploma. Recently I rediscovered it while cleaning out the basement of my home. My Mom was visiting that day and remarked, “my mother was very proud of that diploma”. It was then that I realized that it was for her grammar school. I learned from that conversation with my Mom that my Grandma never graduated from high school. But my Grandma always had a job until she retired from Leslie Salt Company.

My Mom attended the same grammar school as my Grandma but my Mom graduated from high school and attended Heald’s Business College. I graduated from the same high school as my Mom and went on to earn a college degree in drafting.

At the time I started my career in drafting, it only required a high school diploma and the trade classes taught in high school. In a recent conversation with one of the drafting supervisors at work, we discussed the fact that drafting is no longer taught in high school or the surrounding community colleges. It seems that our society has forgotten the importance of teaching the trades as part of our education system. The skills of the draftsman is a dying art.