Times Have Changed

Grandma's DiplomaWhen my Grandma died, our family went through the house and I asked to keep her diploma. Recently I rediscovered it while cleaning out the basement of my home. My Mom was visiting that day and remarked, “my mother was very proud of that diploma”. It was then that I realized that it was for her grammar school. I learned from that conversation with my Mom that my Grandma never graduated from high school. But my Grandma always had a job until she retired from Leslie Salt Company.

My Mom attended the same grammar school as my Grandma but my Mom graduated from high school and attended Heald’s Business College. I graduated from the same high school as my Mom and went on to earn a college degree in drafting.

At the time I started my career in drafting, it only required a high school diploma and the trade classes taught in high school. In a recent conversation with one of the drafting supervisors at work, we discussed the fact that drafting is no longer taught in high school or the surrounding community colleges. It seems that our society has forgotten the importance of teaching the trades as part of our education system. The skills of the draftsman is a dying art.

6 thoughts on “Times Have Changed

  1. Mom

    In your Grandmother’s time it was not unusual for women not attend or be graduated from High School. Your Grandmother attended one year of High School, and then quit to work (seasonal work) and to help at home. It was at that time, more important for them to know how to cook and take care of a home and family. It was thought education was not necessary for women. World War II started a change, women were needed to work in the ship yards their hard and well done work was proof that women were more than homemakers. Some change has been good, but,….what happened to our family life/value it seems to have been forgotten. The good old days’ family life was a treasure that seems to me to be lost in time.


    1. Redneck Garage

      Hi Mom!

      Thanks for the additional family history. I found it interesting that Grandma started working after her freshman year in high school. I’m sure you remember that after my freshman year in high school, I started working at Roger’s Camping Trailers. Full time during the summers and part time after school and weekends throughout my years in high school. I guess I followed in Grandma’s foot steps by starting to work when I was thirteen. I will never forget Mr. Pennley’s insistence on streak free windows on the new trailers. I have never lost this skill whether the glass is in the shade or full sun. To this day I hate cleaning the white vinyl that the Starcraft tent trailers had…and I will never consider buying a tent trailer for this reason. 😉 Who knew this post would end up with a trip down memory lane.



  2. World Magazine had an article on the forgotten trades a few months back, and it discussed how much can be earned by people who now take up the trades of plumber, electrician, carpenter, etc. And they predicted the salaries will only go up — just as society de-values their services and encourages everyone to go to college.
    Perhaps they will become so scarce, their knowledge will again become important?


    1. Redneck Garage

      Our local community college has eliminated the majority of their Associate of Arts programs and is now focused on preparing students to transfer to university degree programs.


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