A Different Perspective

We are all creatures of habit. Many years ago I heard a rut defined as a grave with the ends knocked out. This evening Maggie and I headed off to hike at Sycamore Grove Park. I decided to reverse the loop that we walk through the Nature Study Area. It gave me a different perspective on the beauty of the park on this first day of Spring.

LARPD SGP Nature Area 1

LARPD SGP Nature Area 2

LARPD SGP Nature Area 3

Veteran's Hospital LivermoreThis last picture shows the Veterans Administration Hospital Livermore off in the distance. My Grandfather was treated at this hospital in the early 1940’s before his death. When I see it on my hikes, it always reminds me of him even though I only know him through a few stories shared by my Dad. My Grandfather happened to own a gas station. I guess gear-head is in my genes.

Owen Duffy

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