Boredom drove me to start looking at the stats at the Redneck Garage where I discovered yet another interesting set of site summaries. These stats show how many times a post has been viewed as opposed to being liked (which is the list on the left if viewed in a browser). Here are the Top Ten Posts:

#1 – Who Am I?
It is comforting to know that as of this week, people in the blog-o-sphere are still more interested in who I am than those seeking to make a rat trap extremely deadly. Based on the trends, I suspect I will soon be displaced by the desire to kill rats.

#2 – Making A Rat Trap Extremely Deadly
Obviously there are a lot of people out there with rats who steal the bait and are looking for a way to make their traps more efficient killing machines.

#3 – About The Redneck Garage
My Garage as been surpassed by skilled rats.

#4 – Failed Blogger
Apparently people in the blog-o-sphere are interested in reading about my failure as a blogger.

#5 – Gear-Head Daughter
I was happy to see that people are interested in reading about my daughter’s desire to learn how to do her own car repairs.

#6 – A View From Within A Police Car
So these people could fall into two different groups. Either they are wondering what I was arrested for (I was in the front seat on a ride-along) or they are planning to do something illegal and want to find out what it is like to be in the back of a police car as part of their decision making process. Disclaimer: Keep in mind, I’m a design engineer so I actually consider the consequences of each decision I make…the readers of the post may not think the same way.

#7 – The Missing “r”
Either there arrr people looking for a missing pirate or have misplace their letter “r” and hope to find it on my blog.

#8 – Reblog: Car Buying Flowchart
Apparently there are a lot of like minded people who are looking for a better way to buy a car (too bad this is a reblog and I can’t take credit).

#9 – This Ain’t Disneyland
The only thing I can think of is that people are looking for a vacation alternative.

#10 – A Thousand Words
No doubt students that have been given an assignment to write a paper with at least a thousand words.