Scotty, All Ahead Warp Speed

1000 LikesIt only took me 457 days, 175 post, and my most “liked” post about my failure as a blogger to reach this milestone. But I am grateful for each of my followers who finally “liked” enough of my post to get to this point.

But my blog has never been about the numbers. It has never been about how many people decided to follow my thoughts on life. Each and every post has been about life. With finding happiness in the darkest moments. Being in the moment when your world appears to be falling apart. My hope is that I have brought humor to my follower’s day. Provided a thought that encouraged someone who was struggling in life. Helped somebody to know that if they feel no one loves them, God does. My blog is about people. It is about the new normal that comes after two spine surgeries. My blog has reached into countries where Christianity is forbidden by the government. But most important, or at least most searched for, it is about making a rat trap extremely deadly. Who knows how many rats have met their end due to my blog. As of this morning, making a rat trap extremely deadly is only 22 views behind who am I. Better rats die than I become famous.  \V/

P.S. – If you have not figured it out by now, my sense of humor is a dry as the Sahara Desert.

11 thoughts on “Scotty, All Ahead Warp Speed

  1. Funny you should bring the deadly rat trap post up again because talk at dinner last night turned to this topic exactly. 🙂 My ex-boss is having a mouse problem at home, and he was talking about all his ingenious inventions to trap them. I mentioned you and your deadliest trap, but couldn’t recall exactly how yours worked. I shall now link through, and forward to him. 🙂

    p.s. congrats on 1000 likes!


    1. Redneck Garage

      Thanks! Dead rats over dinner? I don’t know what to say? Was ratatouille on the menu? I will no doubt go down as the villainous rat killer. I’m sure PETA will have a contract out on me soon. Good news is my modifications work on Victor mouse traps too. So what was the final hair solution?


      1. We are a warped, warped bunch Patrick. We also talked about turtle sex videos and getting caught at airport security with naughty things in your luggage. The rat trapping was mild compared to some of the other fodder. 🙂

        The hair turned out great. I missed my calling. 😉


        1. Redneck Garage

          Funny you mentioned “warped”. That was the original title of the post but I decided not to follow in your foot steps of weird search results…but thanks for the comment above Nancy…I’m sure it will be more interesting next time. 😉 Three cheers to a good hair day!!!


    1. Redneck Garage

      There is a recent study that states a person needs 12 hugs each day to feel their best. I’ll take everyone I can get. Thanks!


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