Humbled By A Rat

Second Rat Trap Modification 1It has finally happened. Besides my home page, Making A Rat Trap Extremely Deadly has now become my most popular post or page by the number of views. I suspect that most people viewing this page do not click on the “like” button because they don’t want people to know they have rats.

I have come to accept the fact that people are more interested in killing rats than knowing about the person behind making a rat trap an efficient killing machine. But I have found comfort in the words of Leonardo da Vinci: “Men of lofty genius when they are doing the least work are most active”. As a designer I have spent many hours staring off into space thinking how to make something work.

When I was in grammer school I was labled a day dreamer by my teachers. Little did they know that someday I would use my writing skills to describe, along with “eight-by-ten glossy photographs with circles and arrows”, how to kill rats more efficiently by making a minor modification to a rat trap and sharing it via the world wide web, which by the way grew out of the United States National Laboratories and was not invented by Al Gore.

From the lowly rat trap to complex scientific machines, through my day dreaming, or at least my determination to not be out smarted by a rat, I’m making the world a better place one dead rat at a time.

8 thoughts on “Humbled By A Rat

    1. Redneck Garage

      My dry sense of humor is leaking out again. I checked my other stats and so far your “other” comments have not made a difference. 😀


    1. Redneck Garage

      Thanks Kate! I never imagined that this post would be so popular but I don’t believe I will receive a Pulitzer Prize. I’m surprised PETA has not complained. Patrick


  1. I sympathize. The statistically favorite post on my site is How to transform a brass doorknob into oil rubbed bronze. An average of 25-30 people read it a day, and no one ever hits “like.” Well one person commented. So according to these stats, we should just write DIY posts? There must be a lot of people out there who have shiny brass fixtures and rats. Think there’s a correlation? 🙂


    1. Redneck Garage

      I’m still laughing at your comment. DIY posts may be our future. Maybe we should create a post where we convince people that rat pelts are a good way to polish your brass door knobs? 😀 I’m beginning to think I should have applied for a patent.


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