Garage Going Green

The Redneck Garage

The Redneck Garage has gone green
After way more research than most would do
The security lights on the Garage are now LED
Down from 130 watts to only 17 watts each night
Instead of replacing the bulbs about once a year
The new LED bulbs will last about 10 years

5 thoughts on “Garage Going Green

    1. Redneck Garage

      Thanks! I’ve had to alter my plan to keep the appearance of this 1908 house in character with when it was built but carbon filament bulbs are not very efficient and cost the same an an LED bulb. Logic wins the battle.


        1. Redneck Garage

          Yes they are. I have one light fixture that is original to the house (actually I have three) that I rewired with cloth covered wire. It has three carbon filament bulbs and looks amazing when it is lit up. I will do a post on that fixture tomorrow so you can glow with envy. 😉


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