Maintaining Character

When I’m not in the Garage or at work
I’m usually enjoying working on my old house
The house was built in 1908
And the sidewalks were added in 1912
The house still retains its original character
All the way up to the light fixtures

Original Light Fixture 3 BulbThis fixture above is located in the parlor and has carbon filament bulbs
They do not produce much light but consume three-times the energy
But just like the house, the light fixtures were in need of new wiring

New Cloth WiringThe wiring in the fixtures match the time period of the house
Covered in cloth but with better insulation

Carbon Filament BulbWith the goal of maintaining the original character of the house
The parlor light fixture greets all who stop by for a visit after dark
With the soft glow only a carbon filament bulb can offer

Original Light Fixture 5 BulbThe light fixture in the dining area is used the most
I just installed LED bulbs to replace the incandescent bulbs
By going green I went from 190 watts to only 40 watts of energy used
Five LED bulbs use about the same amount of energy
As just one of the five incandescent bulbs they replaced

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