Quarryhill CA Poppy

On Saturday I was able to spend most of my day with my good friends Donna and James. Our hiking plans changed due to a storm on Friday that produced more rain than predicted. We end up at the Quarryhill Botanical Garden. The picture above was shot where I parked the PT Cruiser. This was the pre-show of what was an amazing day of strolling through the 25 acre garden in an old quarry. There are too many pictures to post so I have tried to pared it down to my favorites so as not to bore my readers.

Quarry Hill 31

Quarry Hill 18

Quarry Hill 23

Quarry Hill 34

Quarry Hill 21

Quarry Hill 12

Quarry Hill 13

I’m grateful for my friends James and Donna for a much-needed break to just get away and enjoy nature.