1 Day 1 World Project: Hour 1

Today I am starting a new series on my blog. It is a blog-o-sphere project started by Lisa Kennedy at Northwest Frame Of Mind. Over the next twenty-four Sundays I will post what I am doing during the hour for that week.

This week I am doing something that will be a paradox to the title of my blog. I pulled out a cookbook to make bread from two over ripe bananas as well as brownies.
Cookbook from 1981 What makes cooking a joy for me is the fact I get to use My Aunt Bo and Uncle Al’s 1950’s Wedgewood stove.
1950 Wedgewood Stove As I sit here writing this post, the house is filled with the smell of fresh baked brownies. The banana bread is now starting to mingle to create a very pleading aroma.Banana Bread While the cookbook says it’s “New”, it is actually well over 30 years old. Goes well with the 74 years old stove and 104 year old house.Finished Result Later today my family will be coming to my house to celebrate three birthdays.

20 thoughts on “1 Day 1 World Project: Hour 1

    1. Thanks!!! I definitely received my cooking genes from my Mom. I’m thinking I need to “taste test” the brownies to make sure they turned out. 😉


    1. Thanks Lisa! Everyone loves this stove. It is the best stove I have ever used. It fits well with my houses character.


        1. It is not only a great stove to cook on but it also has many memories. My Aunt and Uncle were both extremely kind people. They never had any children of their own and were my second set of parents (technically my God parents). They lived in the same house their whole life and were only about a 30 minute bike ride from my parents home. Growing up I spent a lot of time there visiting. They also served as second parents for my Mom when she was growing up too. Our family is small but our roots grow deep.


    1. I was very fortunate to have it passed down when my Aunt passed away. She took exceptional care of it and polished it weekely with Glass Wax. I don’t think I could ever part with this stove.


  1. What a great looking stove! They don’t build them to last nowadays. And those brownies and banana bread don’t look too bad either.
    Jude (via Lisa’s link)


    1. Thanks Jude! I almost turned down the offer for this old stove from my parents but now I’m glad I have it as part of my old house. Patrick


  2. Pat, I love your connection to the stove. Like they say, if only the stove could talk! Such simple pleasures are the best. We quickly ate up the banana bread you made. Every last crumb gone just like that!


    1. I’m glad you all enjoyed the banana bread. I heard from my Mom this morning that she enjoyed the banana bread I sent home with them yesterday. Maybe I should go into business?


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