Look Up

Social media can be a powerful tool
But if we become so attached to our devices
And we fail to look around
We may miss out on that opportunity
That changes the course of where we are bound

8 thoughts on “Look Up

    1. Redneck Garage

      That is so true. We have a whole generation that will be unable to hold a conversation fact-to-face. That may explain why they have been called the narcissistic generation.


  1. A few of my friends sent me this video saying they remembered me as I keep myself away from social media. Funny, because a simple video is not enough to change the narcissism of the generation!


    1. Redneck Garage


      I’m glad to hear I am not the only “anti-social media” person out there. This generation will not change because they are too busy with their social media to watch this video (4 minutes and 58 seconds long) plus it is over 140 characters in length. 😉 Yesterday after work I needed to mail two letters. I took Maggie for a walk to the Post Office, and with this video in mind, I saw many people doing exactly what was presented. It is an epidemic!!! For the record, if you were to call my cell, and I did not answer, my voice mail states my cell is the worst possible way to contact me. I provide a different number and people still leave a message. Thanks for stopping by the Garage and adding your voice to this discussion!



      1. I see people at Caltrain station, at busy bus stops, at malls, at cafeteria always looking at that cell phone. Once I took three ladies of my family [ three from three different generations] to this wonderful winery; the nature was beautiful and the vineyard was golden; guess what all three did! They asked me to click their pictures since Im good with camera. Entire three hours I clicked their pictures, they clicked their selfies, posted on FB with people far from them saying: California looks so golden under the golden sun!..In reality, I know they haven’t even cared to look at this beautiful place. All they cared for were their pictures and people’s validations under their pictures on social media!.. Sad!


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