Going Gluten Free?

I have noticed that there are more products on the store shelves with “Gluten Free” on the label. Having a daughter who just graduated with a BS in Public Health as well as a friend who is a dietitian, I have learned more about foods and making healthier food choices. I have always loved bread and fruit which are staples in my diet. Nothing is better than a hot loaf of sough dough bread with nothing on it. But I digress. Back to the gluten-free question. It is all the rage these days to be “gluten-free”, and for a few people it is necessary. But prolamin and gluten (gliadin and glutenin) is about 80% of the protein found in wheat. For a vegetarian, which I am not by any stretch of the imagination, that is a lot of lost protein.

So is going gluten-free a good idea? The following clip gives some insight into how much people know about being “gluten-free”…

9 thoughts on “Going Gluten Free?

  1. Hilarious clip – and confirms what I’ve been ranting about! All these people going GF just because it’s trendy. Or because they think it’ll make them thin. If it’s a thinness thing – then call a spade a spade and cut out or cut down on starchy carbs (bread, white rice, pasta…) Gluten itself is only a problem for such a tiny, tiny portion of the population. Ridiculous!

    p.s. You’ve got a typo above (veterinarian, when I think you meant vegetarian…) 🙂


    1. Nancy,
      Thanks for the help on the vet…it is well documented that I’m a Failed Blogger. 😉

      I love my bread with gluten, thank you very much! I’ve never been one to “follow the crowd”. As you have pointed out in your comment and on your blog, it all about eating healthy, in moderation and getting out to exercise. My daughter recenty bought a “fat free” product and discoved it had no flavor. It gave me a good laugh.


        1. You can add gluten free to the list…acids, alcohol, water, lots of machinery. Over processed food.


            1. We have plenty of vintners where I live. One is across the street. Big White House. Really good wine. If you can find Wente Brother’s Crane Ridge Merlot, it is excellent! I know one of the wine makers at Wente and he told me about all the “things” that go into a bottle of wine…all natural and some high in protein.


  2. I love, love, love bread and it’s been really tough to accept that I can’t tolerate gluten anymore. 😦 I’m not alone in the family though so at least meals aren’t so difficult but I’ll agree with you there is way too much awful “gluten free” processed food on store shelves these days. All things in moderation and eat a balanced diet with natural ingredients – avoid the chemical shit-storms!


    1. Lisa,
      I have found that my digestive tract cannot handle most processed foods with all their chemical additives. Fresh and simple is the best.


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