White Rose

White Rose

This morning Maggie wanted an early start to the day
So once we finished breakfast we headed outdoors
While working in the yard I was once again amazed
By this white rose that greets me each day

While working in the garden during the cool of the day
I was able to meet my new neighbors
For those who are new to our old neighborhood
I have a tradition of baking cookies or bread
I have been hesitant to bake for they have a young daughter
Mary Beth at first said it was too much bother
But I explained it was a tradition
We settled on brownies as the perfect welcome

Than lo and behold a Police car appeared
Where I was busy pulling at the weeds
It was my friend Keith who was on the way to a call
We chatted for a bit before he had to go

It was not long before my green can was compacted and full
My work outside was done for the day

Now Maggie and I must decide on a color
For a sofa for us to enjoy whilst watching NASCAR
Maggie’s decided what color she liked
By laying on the samples that were spread on the floor

Maggie's Choice
Words cannot describe how blessed I feel
To be able to stay in my home and not have to move
This is my home and where I will stay

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