What’s In A Name?

Hello My name is ?

Most people when they meet me for the first time ask if I prefer “Patrick” or “Pat”. I always respond with “use whichever one you feel more comfortable using”. Besides my full name and shortened full name, I have picked up various other nicknames along the way:

  • Duffy
  • Duff
  • Paddy
  • Dufus (used by my friend Glenn who has paid dearly on my blog…Thanks Jill)
  • Mr. Duffy
  • Mr. D

I have given Maggie May (May is derived from mayhem) several nicknames but we have a special bond and she responds to all:

  • Mag
  • Maggster
  • Pupster (all my dogs have used this nickname)
  • Pup (even through she is almost 4…time goes by too fast)

Now there are a couple of phrases in the American dialect that I really hate: “down pat” and “get off your duff”. I think both are self-explanatory.

When it comes to remembering people’s names my brain is a mess. I have two former students, Katie and Beth (sororal twins), whom I have known for too many years to count. One would think by now that I could keep their names straight but for reasons I don’t understand, I still mix them up much to my chagrin. I have met people who can remember the name of every person they meet. How they do this I have no clue? What really bothers me is when I see someone I know and while I’m taking to them I have no clue what their name is? Hours later I will usually remember. If it is someone who is fairly new to my memory bank, I will just apologize and reintroduce myself. In some cases the other person is having the same problem. Then I don’t feel so bad. So if I mess up your name in a comment, I’m sorry. It is just the way I am.

6 thoughts on “What’s In A Name?

    1. Rose, I would have to agree that there is a deeper connection. I think that nicknames show that the relationship is on a different level than the superficial friends or acquaintances we all have in our lives. Maybe that is the key to my memory problem? Patrick


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