1 Day 1 World Project: Hour 3

peace corpsAs the 1 Day 1 World Project time moves into the 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm hour, I find myself still in transition at work. The delay in starting my new assignment is providing the time needed to wrap up my existing projects under a little less pressure. On the home front, my daughter has moved out in preparation for her 27 month assignment with the Peace Corps in Uganda. Two weeks from today she will start what should be the journey of a lifetime. This means I have another room in need of fresh paint. My old house still retains its original double hung windows with counterweights, pulleys, sash ropes and wavy glass. Most people would take the easy route and replace the old windows with new. But in my opinion that would take away from the character of the house. Since these windows have served the house well for 104 years, my next project will be to restore the windows in my daughter’s now empty room.

14 thoughts on “1 Day 1 World Project: Hour 3

  1. Peace Corps in Uganda!!! The Adventure of a Lifetime, Indeed. Blessings to her in these next months.

    And about those windows — It took us a Very Long Time to rebuild and renew our old windows and I have never been sorry. They have wavy glass, but no weights or pulleys, just a weird little metal cylinder that fits in a hole to make them stay up. We had to buy new ones for the ones in the living room, and they just aren’t the same. There’s nothing like the look of old windows in an old house. Good project!


    1. So far I have restores two sets of windows. It is amazing how good they look as well as work when complete. The old wood cannot be matched with new windows. Several windows have new glass. At some point I need to track down some salvaged windows with wavy glass to put them back to looking original.


  2. I love old windows with the counterweights, pulleys and wavy glass, Patrick and am glad you are keeping them in place. I hope your daughter has an amazing experience in Uganda but wow, it must be hard to see her go away for 27 months…
    Thanks for sharing your 2:00 hour with us. 🙂


    1. I have discovered that several people I know have served in the Peace Corps. Hearing about their experience makes me excited for my daughter. Hopefully I have the windows done before she returns.


        1. Lisa, I would not recommend placing any bets. I have several projects on my old house that were started long ago and still remain unfinished. But things have changed for the good and I’m hoping to get many of them finally completed. Come to think of it, I could use several of them to cover the hours I normally would sleep. 😀 Patrick


  3. I think it’s awesome that you are retaining the original windows.
    And, how freaking exciting for your daughter! Uganda! Wow. (Reminds me a bit of the musical Book of Mormon, when the missionaries head to Uganda. :-))


    1. Thanks Nancy! It is more work than just putting in new windows but I think the result is better for the house in the long run. I am just a caretaker who desires to keep the house as original as possible.

      I’ve never heard of the musical “Book of Mormon”. Having visited their “temple” in Salt Lake twice, once as a kid and then as an educational field trip for our kids, I have no desire to visit again (sorry to any Mormon readers). Their theology is a bit more than sketchy. I’m amazed they are able to convince so many people their form of religion is correct.


      1. the musical is a parody (and very, very politically incorrect — which is why I loved it so much). The #1 broadway musical for a long while now, actually. 🙂

        it’s written by the creators of Southpark…so that should give you a sense of just how wrong most of the content is. 🙂

        Anyway, I’m sure you’re daughter will have a much better time in Uganda than the two missionaries in the musical.


        1. Through this process I have discovered several friends who were in the Peace Corps. They have assured me I have nothing to worry about and it will be a life changing experience for HAD.

          During one of the interviews, HAD was asked if she had any issues with using pit toilets. When she told me that she stated she would not during the interview, I immediately called her a lair in jest. HAD hates portable and pit toilets.

          The drop out rate is 78% in the Peace Corps. HAD has been told the first six months are the hardest. She has told me that if she calls during the first six months wanting to come home I am to say “no”.


            1. I have no doubt HAD will do fine. When she decides to do something there is no stopping her. She graduated from college with no debt and money in the bank.

              I have a very sensitive sense of smell. I can still smell a pit toilet hours after I have used one. That would be enough for me not to take on this type of assignment.


  4. Great project! I loathe modern windows in old buildings, they just make me want to rip them out! I admire you for trying to restore your old house in keeping with its age. And I wish your daughter all the best in Uganda, it will be quite an experience. Africa can take some getting used to.
    Jude xx


    1. Thanks Jude! There will definitely be some adjustment time for my daughter but I believe she will make it work. Patrick


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