Choosing To Be Happy – No. 37

I had the pleasure this past week to help a former student and “grounds keeper” of my estate to buy her first car. After arriving home after work I got “the call” that Beth had found a used car that she could afford. After a short drive to the other side of town, I began my inspection of the car. After about 10 minutes of looking the car over the salesman made a wise crack, “are you going to do a 140 point inspection?” I should mention at this point that I really dislike the way most car salesmen conduct themselves (I have never dealt with a woman at a dealership). I informed the sales jerk this was the very reason Beth called me. When I was satisfied the car did not have any problems or had been in an accident, Beth asked me to take it for a test drive. With her mom (Marie) and the sales jerk in the back seat we went on what I consider a “test drive“. More wise cracks from the sales jerk who at this point had lost what little respect I had given him so far. I was now able to give Beth my honest opinion, the car was worthy of negotiations. This is where I enjoyed taking all the wise cracks from the sales jerk, along with some pent-up frustrations, and rip apart his deceptive sales pitch. Beth sat there stunned as to just how difficult, as well as time consuming, it is to buy a car at a dealership. Eventually Marie said that one item was a deal breaker. We had already agreed we would walk out if it was not removed and we did. But just as I predicted, the sales jerk followed us outside and finally gave up and gave us what we agreed was fair. The one aspect that most impressed me is that Beth paid cash. She owns this car free and clear!
Beth Signing For Her Car Beth paying for her car. The happy car owner!

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