10 thoughts on “1 Day 1 World Project – Hour 11

    1. Patrick

      I can’t take credit for the picture. It was saved from the “Live Bulb Cam”. Here in Livermore we log onto the interweb to watch the light bulb glow. 😉


    1. Patrick

      I was told by one of the founding members of the Livermore Heritage Guild that at a national conference of city mayors, Livermore was envied by many for the eclectic diversity of our city and its history. We have 45 wineries, two National Laboratories, the World’s Fastest Rodeo, the country’s oldest continuously operating winery (Wente Brother’s Winery made Sacramental wine during Prohibition), a cursed sewer system, a lost time capsule that became the subject of a film festival and remains a cult classic, and a historic and thriving downtown. In the San Francisco Bay Area we are the coldest place in the winter (18 degrees) and the hottest in the summer (115 degrees). Now I will have to see how many light bulb shots I can get in before we get back to my 5:00 am wake up time. 🙂


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