Life of Maggie – No. 3

After work I made my pilgrimage to the pet store to resupply Maggie’s food, treats, and a new Nylabone. Our normal routine is for me to set down my backpack and let Maggie out to say hello and inspect me for any new smells from people, dogs, cats, etc. Usually I’m the focus of Maggie’s attention unless there happens to be a squirrel in the yard. As you can see, Maggie was more interested in the “fresh kill” than greeting me. Maggie 3A Copyright 15-July-2014When Maggie was a wee little pup, she would want me to hold her bone so she could chew on it. In a couple of weeks Maggie will turn four yet she still brings her bone to me to hold while she chews. Maggie 3B Copyright 12-July-2014

A Maggie selfie
A Maggie selfie

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