Life has taken my free time away from the One Day One World Project. Now that it is in the time where I am starting my day by going for a walk with Maggie, I figured it was time to put some normalcy back into my life. I thoroughly enjoy the quiet and stillness of the early morning before the rest of the town awakes to start their day.

redneckgarage.net moon over 6th St. 2014-09-10
Yesterday morning on my walk with Maggie, we had just left the yard when we were greeted by the moon over Sixth Street. Needless to say, Maggie was not happy about stopping just as we started walking. After capturing this picture we continued our walk and I pondered how to capture the stillness of the morning. When I looked up at the flags at the Veteran’s Memorial (WW1), the American and POW-MIA flags were draped around the staff and completely still.

redneckgarage.net calm flags 2014-09-10
This morning we were greeted by this amazing sunrise over the garage.

redneckgarage.net Garage Sunrise 2014-09-11