1 Day 1 World Project – Hour 20

redneckgarage.net Hour 20 20140920This morning Maggie and I went for our stroll a wee bit later than usual due to it being Saturday. Needless to say, Maggie does not understand the difference between a work day and the weekend. I’m not sure if it has to do with being an Australian Shepherd (working breed) or it is just her personality. Maggie is definitely a creature of habit. We made our loop through the neighborhood and saw several squirrels, which usually means Maggie becomes a tripping hazard if I’m not paying attention, as well as talked with several neighbors. My neighborhood is from an earlier time where everyone knows each other and is friendly. This may explain why the houses very seldom change owners. The people who own these old houses have a passion for preserving the history of our town. This morning the sky was grey from the coastal fog which means cooler weather. The grey sky also provided an interesting background for a self-portrait of Maggie and I.

redneckgarage.net Grey Sky 20140920


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